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A Guide on How to Choose the Right Bird Cage

You must have an understanding about cages and chose with care before you purchase one for your pet bird as it will be one of the vital decision you will ever make with regards to your bird. You want to avoid making an error that will affect your bird and can cause bad bird behaviors or even injuries and death to your pet bird. The cage has a significant role to your bird. The cage is where your bird is going to eats, sleeps, plays; so, it is important that your bird feel secure and safe while in it. There are few things to consider before buying a bird cage. The size and the type of the bird that will be put inside your new cage will be the foremost considerations you have to remember. There are some birds who climb constantly, while others require an escape-proof latch to ensure that the bird cannot escape. There are a number of choices available now when it comes to bird cages. From choosing what type of metal the cage should be made of to bar spacing to whether you should purchase a hanging or free-standing one.

Materials Must Be Safe for the Bird

What your bird cage is made of is a vital aspect to consider. Stainless steel, powder-coated steel, or powder-coated iron is a good option if the material used is metal. The stainless steel is very easy to wipe off plus it looks nice. The powder coating should be made from a non-toxic paint as well as with no zinc and lead.

Right Bar Spacing and Cage Size

A conure cage, for instance, the distance of the bar spacing should be between ½” to ¾”. It is advisable to consult with your bird breeder or an online bird cage site like this website for some advice regarding what bar spacing is right for your specific bird. If the bar of your cage is too small, your bird cannot enjoy climbing up and down the cage; a common behavior that most birds love doing. Take note that your cage’s height and width must be twice of that of the expanse of your bird’s wings when expanded.

Selecting Between Hanging or Free-Standing Bird Cage

Conure cages, parrot cages, and other few types of cages must never be hanged because the swinging motion can interrupt the sleeping and eating pattern of your bird. Your bird can get worn-out and under nourished if you housed some species in a hanging cage. The right cage to choose is one that stands on the ground and does not sway.Learn more on choosing the right bird cage:

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